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Ohana Industries ~ 

Serving Hawaii since 1991


Locally owned and operated, Ohana Industries is a proud manufacturer ~ distributor of fine polyurethane products in Hawaii.  We do not sell directly to the public, however our items can be found in various department stores, interior designers, and upholstery shops in Hawaii.


We offer Quality, Convenience & Service in providing various companies with polyurethane products and covered goods such as... Folding Mattresses, Custom Cut High Density Polyurethane Foams, Batting/Dacron Services and Rolls, Rattan/Koa Cushions, Polyfiber, Shredded Foam, Poly-Filled Bed Pillow, Side Pillows, and Pillow Inserts. These items can be found in various department stores and upholstery shops on all the islands of Hawaii.

Items that are produced with our products include indoor furniture cushions, mattress, pillows, bedspreads, comforters, quilts, crafts, etc.


We are committed to the quality, dependability, and brand name integrity of our products. We are also always striving to provide the best service and price for all the customers that we serve.

We do not sell directly to public.

Our products can be found in various local retailers and upholstery shops.

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